As a full service video production company and animation studio you can rely on Click Play Films to produce the full gamut of production for your video. The magic of video is that you’re not constricted to the real world; you can give your imagination freedom to be itself and tell any story anyway it wants. Click Play Films specializes in bringing stories to life, whether that means filming live action or illustrating animated worlds to bridging video and animation together.

No company is mute, every company needs to communicate to their potential customers, current customers, employees, the general world and the best medium to communicate through is undoubtedly video. Video is the highest form of effective communication because it is the closest thing to being in front of your audience in real life without actually being there. It’s scalable in the most mundane way yet unique and special in a very personal way. You can invoke the most functional senses of sight and sound to hook your audience the way no written content or still photography can. Video inspires and reaches emotional cords to create the most valuable connection you can make with your audience.

Sometimes, however, the message you want to get out there isn’t so inspiring, or its flat out boring. Video can dress the topic up and make it more endearing. With beautiful cinematography, or fun and playful motion graphics along with great music, you can turn an otherwise boring corporate video into something sharable and interesting. A step further than just making it fun, video can also apply science to communication. The use of sounds, images, colors, and shapes, you can use the power of marketing and communication science in your favor. Imagine incorporating training techniques for your New Employee Company Video, or demonstrating a rather complicated technology to potential customers or current employees with 3D Animation.

Video production was most prevalent for TV Broadcast Commercials in a not so distant past. Only the large national brands that were able to purchase expensive television advertising spots were able to utilize the power of video production in their marketing arsenal. Today, the internet, and even more recently mobile platforms on smartphones, has made it possible for any company to use video to not only promote or advertise themselves, but to push out content to virtually anyone they need to. Video is often assumed to be for promotional or commercial purposes but you can apply video to a vast array of uses.

Click Play Films presents two separate skill sets to their production capabilities, Live Action Video as well as an Animation Studio. But it is important not to separate the two. In essence they are siblings to storytelling, they both come from the same family and strive to achieve the same goals. As siblings they come from the same genes and pedigree, you can expect the quality of animation as well as live video to be of the same breed. Quality video production is who we are and what you get.

We started out in Documentary Filmmaking before applying our production know-how to corporate companies who needed to add some flare to their corporate videos. We soon learned the value of animation in storytelling, and brought on an all-star team of animators and motion designers. We made it our mission to see the uniqueness in everything, even the most common topics. We focused on quality and not only visual storytelling but also in the editorial elements of creativity such as scriptwriting and story structuring. We knew the value of sound to be just as important as what we captured on camera or illustrated for animation. And finally we married all these elements and brought them all under one roof. You can count on Click Play Films to be able to add VFX and all the bells and whistles to your videos all in-house, but mostly you can count on us to deliver your message in the most potent and effective way possible.

What makes us so versatile is not only our video production capabilities but also our ability to film and work anywhere in the world. With a headquarters in New York City, we also build local teams in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale to be closer to our clients. And our directors and producers travel all over the world to capture the truest essence of each story. Whether that means filming in China, or Italy, or Canada, we have the talent and ground support to meet you there. Our international footprint gives clients not only cost effective production anywhere in the world, but the talent and perspective that can only come from an international team like Click Play Films.


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Difference Between Creative Video Production and Corporate Video Production

Today the only way production companies can differentiate themselves and demonstrate their value is by providing superior creative direction. This is what we take most pride in our offering as a production company. We always focus on the story and message for our clients. While maintaining the high end production quality and look, the only thing that matters is the quality of the message or story. The value of a video is based on how effectively it communicates the message. As you will find in this video for JCK Law we focused on the story of a potential client. By keeping it minimal we made sure the focus was exactly where it needed to be. Take a look for yourself:

This is what storytelling is all about for marketing purposes. The emotional bridge that connects with your potential clients.

Another form of effective content for company videos are not always for the public but also for internal use. Corporate videos can be produced for training videos for staff and onboarding new employees. For example food franchises can produce a series of videos to demonstrate how to make menu items and use it to train staff at each new location. Businesses can create safety training videos to visually highlight internal procedures and best practices. The list is endless.

Product and Demonstration Videos

There is no better way to communicate a complex service or product. A great example of visually highlighting product features and benefits is this Schmidt Bros. 4 piece steak knife set:

Product and demonstration videos can be cheesy if not done right. Whether you are producing a live action video with motion graphics or all animation. The most important thing is to make the product or service look good. The quality of the video is directly correlated with the quality of your brand. Although many companies choose to do video in-house, hiring Click Play Films assures a high end production. Our directors and DPs are professionals who will make sure everything is presented to look like a hollywood movie. From lights, to camera direction to post production, the difference is in the final composition and presentation. Especially when using video for products and/or services that clients can’t actually hold in their hands and the video is the first thing they see… it better look as great as possible. Here is an example of a beautiful animation for International Hotel Group’s (IHG) new roll out of their Rewards Program:

As you can tell, the overall flow and detail is fun and intriguing. It leaves the viewer entertained and far more susceptible to watching the whole video to the end. This is always the goal at Click Play Films.

Click Play Films Animation Studio

We are creative storytellers, which means we need as many . Although we are full service video production company, we are also a full service animation production studio. This was an important additional to our video production capabilities because it really gives us the ability to tell any story without limitations. From whiteboard animations to explainer videos, we have you covered. Here is an example of a great explainer video we produced for Charity Fundraising Packages:

From simple to complex animation, we hire some of the most accomplished illustrators to draw beautiful original landscapes, icons, and topography to bring excitement and life to your animated video projects. But we don’t stop there, we also bring in some great voice over talent and music composers to really add the finishing touches to an intriguing company video.

Production From Soup to Nuts

Click Play Films is a full service video production company and animation studio. This means that we take care of absolutely everything related to your video. All you need to do is tell us what the video is about and we take care of the rest. So what is involved in producing a video? There are three main stages to production:


Pre-Production entails the very beginning of the video production process. Starting with the very first call you make to us. You tell us you need a video for your product, service or promotion and everything related to your messaging and what your goals for the video. With that we start formulating ideas and treatments and present you with several options. Once we choose a direction, we begin drafting the script for the video and begin casting. Casting includes actors and/or voice over talent. We send out the casting call to casting agencies and post to acting boards and begin auditions. We compile a list of finalists from the auditions and move on to location scouting. Once have a clear idea of the actors in place and the locations needed for the shoot. We follow up with the shot list for the day or days of the shoot as well as all the necessary due diligence and paperwork including permits and release forms. This is also all outlined in a Production Schedule for your reference. the Pre-Production phase is concluded when all the above mentioned pieces are finalized and in place.


This is where the magic happens… just like in hollywood it’s lights camera and action. We provide the entire crew from the Director to the Director of Photography, sound tech and all the gaffers, grips necessary to bring the shoot to life. We provide some of the latest in photo equipment and peripherals as well. Including the latest cameras such as the Red Epic Dragon and Alexa to sliders and MOVI stabilizers, sliders, dollys and tracks, sound and lights. We can shoot in-doors and on green-screens or outdoors in the water, and in the air, we are equipped with the latest drones and virtual reality rigs. There is no limit to what we can shoot in NY or anywhere in the world.


Post production is where all our hard work comes together. Our team of editors, and VFX experts start piecing the pieces of the puzzle together. We start with a rough (or first) cut of the footage. Once we have a picture lock, we start composing music and sound mix, add some visual effects and motion graphics where necessary and polish it off with color correction to make it look and feel like any ad you would see on TV or on the big screen.