Guide for Finding the Best Corporate Production Boston MA

Looking for a top-quality corporate production company in Boston Massachussetts? Look no further! In this guide, we will provide you with tips on how to find the best company for your needs. Boston is home to many talented production companies, and it can be tough to choose the right one. But don’t worry – we’re here to help!

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A corporate video is a professional film created to showcase a specific aspect of a company to its customers. In video production Boston, the corporate productions are among some of the best in the world. The city is home to many talented production companies, and it can be tough to choose the right one.

Here at Click Play Films, our award winning team has worked on Feature Films, National Ad Campaigns, and come from all walks of life. We offers a suite of productions to market your business during these challenging times.

Types of Corporate Videos

Company Profile videos

These videos are great if you want to introduce your company to consumers and potential stakeholders. It’s a short video that gives a broad overview of the company and the services or products that are on offer. It may include information about your company’s purpose, some company history, or even a message from the CEO. These types of corporate videos are aimed at helping people to understand and engage with your company.

Promotional videos

A promotional video or promo video is a video used for the express purpose of promoting a specific marketing initiative, sale, or event.

Training videos

Training videos are used for everything from on-boarding new hires, to health & safety training to upskilling employees. Training videos have become an extremely popular way of training staff to often lower costs compared to in person training. One of the advantages of training videos is that they can be filmed once but displayed to multiple different audiences or can be a streaming video learning.

Conference videos

Conference videos are created to deliver a information to attendees of corporate events. Videos created for conferences can be played during presentations, meeting in trade booths or displayed in other locations around the conference venue.

Social Media videos

These videos are short and often emotive which encourages the viewer to share the video. What’s important here, is to highlight the brand more than the product or home services video that’s being offered. This can be done by linking your company to specific events or news headlines to catch the viewers’ attention.

Industrial videos

Industrial Videos are aimed at people within a specific industry. Designed to be informative about products or services live video, these videos for a variety of different means. Whether for business to business marketing, fundraising, or investor involvement, these videos are often used at trade shows.

Branding Videos

Brand awareness is key if you want your business to succeed and we at The Michael Group believe ‘Your brand is your identity’. Branding videos need strong visual themes as well as consistency in color, fonts, and design if they are to succeed. Increased brand awareness helps to increase customer loyalty. This way you will be sure to have a reliable and growing customer base. Great animated explainer video portfolio that deliver company messages effectively with style. Mixing great design, motion, sound, narrative & originality.

Testimonial videos

What better than to feature someone who has already used your product or service. This goes a long way to connect with potential consumers. These videos play on the elements of trust and familiarity. Production services live and celebrities testimonials also go a long way to increase the desirability of the product of service.

Recruitment videos

This is a great way to entice potential applicants. Here it’s about documenting your company’s culture which will give applicant’s insight and information about how your company operates and interacts. Recruitment videos can also give the impression that your company is being run successfully, hence the need for more recruits.

Social Responsibility videos

Corporations have becoming increasingly involved in social initiatives which have a positive impact to society. As a full-service video production company based, we at the Click Play Films are able to cater for corporate testimonial videos. Choosing between technology video animation live and animation live events is a tricky task.

10 Tips for Producing a Successful Corporate Video

A good video length

Keeping your video short, but not so short that it’s finished in a blink of an eye, will guarantee continued engagement. Viewers will be more willing to watch a whole video if they know they’re close to the end. It sounds sad, but that’s the reality of our attention spans these days!

A call to action

Effectively, a call to action is a way to convert leads from your corporate video. In other words, it encourages viewers to communicate their already-piqued interest by taking that action.

Subtle sales

Unless you’re making a deliberately promotional video, keep your sales messages subtle. Going further, we sometimes recommend not to include any at all. This is because people may love a video but immediately be put off by a hint of sales. Sales break the spell. If they’re present when your video doesn’t need them, you may lose out on big impact. In reverse, the absence of sales messages often builds brand trust and awareness. The less distraction, the more focus your video has.

A strong message

Rather, a strong message is simply one that is clear and important. It can still be simple – what matters is that there’s no confusion as to what it is. For example, you might want to show your audience that your company is all about people. Make sure this is the clear theme through your entire corporate video. Use your slogan as a stamp to seal the whole thing up. It could be as simple as ‘We’re about people’. There’s no confusion in that.


Make sure you can watch your corporate video and think, ‘If I was a member of my target audience, I’d share that with my followers.’ Your video has to have an appeal that stretches beyond just yourself or a small circle of people. This requires pushing away your bias and putting yourself in the shoes of your audience.


Regardless of whether your corporate video is fun, serious, or somewhere in between, it’s got to stay professional. This is because you’re telling people about your business, and you want them to take this seriously.

To stay professional, highlight things like:

  • Your excellent customer service.
  • Your smooth company processes.
  • The great way you treat your employees.

It may seem obvious, but avoid things like:

  • Using potentially offensive language.
  • Showing laziness.
  • Alluding to any mistakes.

Showing your video production professionals will boost your credibility. It will also increase your chances of being approached by investors, clients, etc.

Emotional appeal

The number one thing you should be trying to tap into is your audience’s emotions. Emotion is the biggest driving factor in our purchase decisions, so make sure you’re bringing this appeal. A key way to do this is by storytelling in your video content.

Production value

As we’ve mentioned above, production value shows professionalism. This is because it implies you’ve put proper job into your content, which in turn reflects the attitude of the company. Furthermore, this has a knock-on effect, too. Once you’ve shown you’re professional, you will gain brand credibility

Powerful combinations of audio and visuals

When audio and visuals come together, it’s like magic. Most of the time. To achieve this ‘WOW’ moment, you need to be combining visuals with the right sound, and vice versa. Impactful sound may include persuasive voiceover, emotional music, etc.

Customer benefits

All corporate videos should highlight what’s in it for the customer. Imagine if you tried to make them watch a video about how you’ve benefited from your sales. This would likely make you look self-indulgent and money-hungry. What important is you need to identify your target customer’s ‘pain points’ – their problem that you can solve.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Video Production Company 

1. How is the production quality?

Product quality refers to how well a product satisfies customer needs, serves its purpose and meets industry standards.

Using these perspectives, you can define product quality according to: Performance and intended function. Reliability of the product within a specific time frame.

Some video learning programs are use for strategic approach to market the product via live video streaming.

2. Are they easy to work with business?

Fit within your team is a very critical piece of the puzzle.

There’s not a magic way to know how they’ll work with you, but try to look for clues in how they word things on their website. Do they come off as arrogant? Do they seem like people you put in front of the CEO without hesitation?

My guess if the best way to determine fit is by actually talking to the company over the phone or in person. The intangible “do they get it” test will go a long way.

3. What types of corporate video do they most often work on?

Many screen video productions are use similar tools, the types of videos can vary widely. For example, wedding videography, TV commercial productions, and internal corporate video are very different styles, and just because someone is great at one of them, it doesn’t necessarily mean those skills transfer to another style.

4. Do They Have Experience?

A company and team with no experience might not be of great help to you. More important than years in business, is accomplishments, customers served, and high-quality services, creative live events.

Don’t be shy to ask questions and to look at samples of their previous service, as well as request testimonials from previous clients.

An online video portfolio corporate is often available on websites as well, so you can see some of their experience and determine if the quality and style are to your standard. Style can range from the lighting and resolution to how engaging and professional the videos are.

The best way to determine the quality and value of a business or industry award is to research what production company video has received the award in the past. The common purpose of quality award is to promote excellence in quality of their services.


5. What Is Their Production Process?

Understanding the entire process from start to finish is essential. Knowing their process will give you a clearer picture of the effort, resources, and time that the production team will dedicate to your video. Being aware of each step will also encourage more communications and produces stronger video campaigns.

When inquiring about the step by step process, consider the following:

  • How soon can the project start?
  • What is the average timeline for a project like this?
  • What kind of productions do you use?
  • What are the editing process steps

6. How much do they cost?

As with just about everything in business, a lot of your answer is going to come down to the cost of a corporate video. You might be able to find what you need for a few thousand dollars. You might need something significantly more than that, depending on what your needs are.

Most companies structure their services video production services price list by the amount of time spent on a project. Typically, the cost is broken into day rates for the actual shoot and hourly rates for pre-production and post-production.


3 Tips for finding the best Boston video production company based

1. Do your research. Start by researching different Boston video productions. Read online reviews and check out their site to get a better idea of their capabilities.

2. Ask around. Talk to your business contacts and see if they have any recommendations for corporate video production companies in Massachusetts. Chances are, they know someone who can help.

3. Meet with potential candidates. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential production Boston video, set up meetings with them to see their work in person. This will give you a better idea of their capabilities and how they might be able to help your business.

At the end of the day, it’s important to choose a production company that is a good fit for your business goals and needs. Boston video Massachusetts is home to many talented production companies,  such as Click Play Films. Choosing a reputable company in Boston Massachusetts for corporate video production can make or break a business – don’t leave it up to chance by choosing just any company, give us a call today.


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