BTS: Pre-Production and Production for Colony Promo Videos

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Since this project is mostly for the social media spectrum, do we want to frame for Instagram, basically shooting everything for a square image?  Or do we want to frame for square, protect for 16×9, or double shoot everything, one version square, and another version 16×9?  

Also, do we want to shoot 3.8K or 2K and then do 4:4:4 prores?  Furthermore, Id assume we want to capture Log C and apply a LUT to the footage, just so it can be manipulated further than doing a burn in…


Some technical answers for you:

We should shoot 16:9 with the knowledge that we will be cutting for square as well. So frame for square, protect for 16:9. 2k and 444 prores is great. Agreed on capturing Log C so we can color grade on our end.


Awesome! Glad to have you back on board mate. 

Re: cabin – we saw this one – – but it’s a bit far and I’m not sure the most cost effective way of shooting this. 

Do you think keeping it with a studio makes more sense? As it’s so tight in both the shot and the budget, there’s not much we need to cover in the frame, know what I mean? 

Jess can help with shot list/script – but I’m pretty sure we’re not there yet an d don’t have those. 

Re: Camera – reckon we could do an Amira for this? To be discussed with DP. You have teams/crew out there already right? Or do you need suggestions?


List of props/set dressing as discussed with the Director on the scout: Total $1,040.13 

with nothing added that was not called out on the list




$78.75 1 table            

$50.00 2 chairs          

$30.00 1 cot 

$11.25 1 sheets

$22.50 2 blankets  

$6.00 1 pillows

$56.25 1 buffet

$71.25 1 side Chair

$11.25 TBD Blanket Throw

$18.75 1 sideboard / bookcase

$52.75 1 nightstand/end table 

$24.50 1 rusty toolbox 

$18.75 top tray layer of old tools/hardware 

$27.50 crate of boxed asst spools of wire

$18.75 Lg Spool of industrial wire 

$22.50 2  desk lamps )Edison bulb fixtures not available) 

$90.00 1 woven rugs

$29.25 1 table lamp

$18.75 1 fishing rod 

$25.00 TBD other fishing gear

$19.99 2 lanterns (electrically wired), 

$40.00 35-44 various books,

$18.00  2- binders with papers & 2 Spiral notebooks 

$18.75 TBD 2 Rental Flashlights   

$60.00 TBD and other chatchkis to fill voids that can be moved around

$52.50  2 pr Draperies

$45.00 4 Drapery Sheers

TBD Wood tree branch drapery rod

$25.00 2 California Location maps rental (Cost to duplicate TBD)

           {TBD Purchase 2-3 mugs for drinking

           {TBD Purchase 4 mixed plates

$22.50 {TBD Purchase Melted Down Candles   

            {TBD Purchase 3-4 sets mixed silverware  

           {TBD Purchase 2 flashlights

            {TBD Spiral Notebooks 


Great to meet you! Call time of 7a for crew and 7:15a for talent sounds good, I’ll let the talent know.


Re: props: understood that the additional dressing will affect budget. Jacob will be sending me some numbers later this afternoon, but that is fine- let’s dress this cabin per Iain’s direction. 

Just to confirm, will we be dressing the cabin on Wednesday during prep and we will come to location all set up on Thursday?


My only final question is that Jacob mentioned a lack of running water, and that we’ll need to bring porta potty’s on. That’s totally fine. Will this affect crafty’s or meals at all? If talent wants to use a real restroom, is there any on the premise that we can have him use? I think Jacob said there was no bathroom in the cabin or red barn. 


Tomorrow, what times will you guys be on location prepping? I’d love to come by, check out the location, and chat specifics. 


Thanks! Really looking forward to this shoot!






Hey All,


Go in to Colony Season 3, Episode 1. We’ve taken some screenshots for you to see.. and also my comments / thoughts below.


If the art dept could take a look through all of this and fire back any questions first thing, that would be amazing.



Bram’s Cabin Nook.


This is the main nook we are trying to recreate to a certain degree.  It looks like a desk, a Map on the wall, and maybe an old armchair in the corner with a throw over it. There’s also a patterned runner /mat on the floor.



But here we have some other screen shots to add decor, lamp / furniture references etc.


This is good for the lamp in the background and the type of mugs (bottom right).


Shooting back the other way there appears to be a sideboard with a later on it.


Here is a sketch of the layout. I think we need a high back armchair to sit in the corner, and plenty of smaller props to make sure the space feels populated. Also, a fishing pole in the background or some hanging coats / shirts on hooks could also add value.

Ventura County permit application

This is all of the info that you need to talk to the County tomorrow regarding our filming permit:


Application # FPXXXXX


Applicant Name: XXXXX


Filming activities: Int/Ext dialogue, no pyro, no stunts, no animals, no SPFX, no water activity, no aerial activity.

drop off catering

25 cast / crew

20 vehicles

1 – 6500watt putt putt generator


Prep day: 3/7/18   7 am – 9 pm

Shoot day – 3/8/18  7 am – 9 pm


All activity to take place on property, no cops.  Location closed to the public.


Resource Management / Film Permit Office

800 S. Victoria Ave. L#1740

Ventura, CA 93009

Film Permit Coordinator: Thomas Chaffee 


9:00 am – 4:30 pm


The document that you sent over with all of the set dressing and props for the show is more of a 360 view of the cabin. We can absolutely dress the entire cabin if that is what we need to do, but wanted to make sure that this is required before going through the extra work / expense to make that vision happen. If we do need to dress the entire cabin for camera, then this could be an extra cost that we would have to have a discussion about.


Please let us know if we have to do the 360 or if it is more like the 90 degree angle that we spoke about on the scout.


COLONY Promo Shoot Schedule (Approximation)



LOCATION 1 – EXT River area

7-730AM Build/Move Gear to Location 1 (1 Scene)

745AM Shoot Location 1


8AM Wrap Location 1, Move to Location 2 (1 Scene)

815 – 9AM – Shoot Location 2


9AM-915AM – Move to Location 3

915AM – 10AM – Light Location 3

10AM – 1PM – Shoot Location 3 (4 scenes)


LOCATION 4 – EXT Hillside

1:45-215PM – Pack/Move to Location 4

2:15 – 3PM – Shoot Location 4 (1 Scene)

LOCATION 5 – EXT Rock Face/Path

3-330PM – Pack/Move to Location 5

330/415PM – Shoot Location 5 (1 Scene)

415PM – wrap gear to trucks


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