What Do Commercial Production Companies In NYC Produce?

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The landscape for film production is changing. The model for video shoots has turned into hybrids. This change allows people to move their business beyond the TV screen. Because of this, production companies work to produce video content for various media fields. These include television, social media, and corporate advertising. However, these new mediums also work to create more content. Commercial production companies in NYC have been working to develop content studios that engage with their audiences like never before.

​How Do Commercial Production Companies In NYC Operate?

Video production involves many aspects of these content studios, including location scouting, scripting, and logistics. They develop and produce content that corporations throughout New York City can incorporate into their brand. Initially, these companies would produce films made for television broadcasting. Since then, the introduction of social media and other hybrid film methods have allowed these businesses to thrive. In 2018 alone, 85% of internet users in the United States watch online video content on any of their devices. These businesses, referred to by commercial production companies in NYC as clients, would have project bids. They search through bids to weigh out the costs, track record, and expertise of the production company they select.

Commercial production companies work to see the project through logistics. The directors working with the project bid work to see the project creatively. Production companies would work on many parts of these projects. By doing so, they work with their clients and create commercial films that meet their needs. But how does a commercial production company work to help its clients?

To create these films, production companies do many tasks to keep these projects in line. These factors include:

​Develop Content

Media production companies focus on producing content that’s created around the ideas with their clients. How the content is made depends on the client. In many cases, social media is the main focus for their commercial advertisements. Social media allows their product to become more seen online. Each producer gains a set amount of duties to work on the content and assist in its creation.


Many commercial production companies in NYC often focus on scriptwriting. They have a team of writers and contracted sole writers to pitch scripts for the commercial. However, some writers can be represented by agents. Agents work with actors, directors, and producers to create screenplays that work within the client’s needs.


The crew is often the backbone of a commercial production company. Production companies create plans to hire crew members. Directors who work with the client will often work together in the hiring process. They mainly dive into the creative aspects of filming commercials and other video content. If the film production company is independent, they work hand-in-hand with the directors. This allows them control over the creation of the final piece while focusing more on the logistics.

​Planning and Logistics

Commercial production companies in NYC excel when planning out the logistics of any project. Therefore, these companies uphold a considerable amount of responsibility. They decide on the optimal time for filming, the location, the filming equipment. Similarly, they arrange schedules for crew members, directors, and producers. Therefore, planning a shoot is everything for these companies. Larger companies will often work with multiple departments. They do so to allocate management and resources further. Meanwhile, indie film companies will take a more hands-on approach to their products.


In addition, finding the right actors and background extras for the content can impact the overall piece. Commercial production companies in NYC will often work with local talent agencies. Through these agencies, they cast actors, models, and extras for these projects. Having these connections will allow the company to improve its reputation with future clients. This enables clients to have a workable advertisement that meets their needs.

​Services Provided By Commercial Production Companies In NYC

Many commercial production companies can provide their clients with an extensive list of services. However, some of these services may vary according to how the company is structured. Therefore, many production companies will provide services that work on multiple platforms. For instance, social media, television, and other digital platforms. As a result, they can offer their clients video content that’s valuable and profitable, including:

​How Commercial Production Companies In NYC Build Your Business

ClickPlayFilms works with its clients to turn video production content into art. Our company brings commercial methods that capture brand images, engage audiences on social media, and boost company recognition. We work with our directors to plan out the logistics of your project and make it happen. As a story-first company, our agency is the right commercial production company in NYC for your needs. For more information about our services, get in contact us today to get started!

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