Commercial Video Production

Commercials have long been the objective of most videos produced in the United States by commercial production companies. Before the rise of the world wide web and social media, most video commercial production was produced to be broadcast on national and local TV stations.

Today video is mostly consumed online and most of the traditional TV commercials have taken a broader approach and need to live both on television and on computer monitors and mobile devices. Commercial production companies are now serving up omni channel content for brands large and small.

Click Play Films is a commercial video production company specializing in both TV commercials and digital video production. Our clients take advantage of our broad experience building content that can easily live across all platforms to effectively reach audiences wherever they are.


Digital Video Production

Our digital video production services cater to brands and companies who need to reach their audience online or on a mobile device. Digital videos need to keep the audience’s attention outside of the living room or as a 2nd screen.


Marketing Video Production

Our marketing video production focus is on producing video assets for marketers who need  control and versatility of their videos long after we finished filming. Our videos are made for A/B testing to re-framing shots for omni-channel distribution.


Social Media Video Production

The most engaging platforms that have peoples eyes glued to their screens are social platforms. Our social media video production focus is on addressing the organic potential of each individual social media platform.


Brand Video Production

Brands are the most valuable commodities in todays whirlwind of content. Building a reputation  through our brand video production services is the most effective way of maximizing your current and potential image with your audience.


TV Commercial Production

TV commercial production has always been the gold standard in advertising. This is because large fortune 500 companies would spend fortunes on the actual placement of these spots so the video would need to be perfect in style, quality, and story.


Advertising Video Production

Advertising video production is a critical means of communication in todays world of short attention spans and hunger for more content. It’s no longer about how many eyeballs you get on your ad but how qualified the audience is.


Promotional Video Production

Promotional video production is a way to create fun, easy to digest information on your latest promo! From highlighting past events to showcasing the latest products and services. Promo videos are a great way to get the word out.

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Click Play Films is a commercial video production company for the average joe. We don’t discriminate between the bigger more recognizable brands from the new kids on the block. With a passion to tell great stories in interesting ways we always find a way to stretch a budget without compromising quality. 

We love creating budgets and helping our clients realize their vision. Let’s get in touch and see how we can get your audience to Click Play on your videos!

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Commercial Video Production Company

If you are searching for commercial production companies to find the best commercial video production partner who can meet your goals and deliver within your budget then you have come to the right place. With a roster of Emmy Award winning Directors and DPs we bring on our full arsenal of talent to every project we produce. It is important for us to deliver something we are proud of so we put our reputation on the line for every commercial we shoot. Video commercial production can be very labor intensive and expensive but we focus on maximizing the value you get for every dollar you spend. 
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