Common Video Production Mistakes Made With In-House Production

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Video Marketing

Shielding from problems throughout video production isn’t just about avoiding mistakes. Working with your brand involves taking missed possibilities and seizing the moment. Videos today make up more than 80 percent of internet traffic. Popular video content engages viewers in ways that make marketing tools valuable to businesses. However, if you don’t have experience in video production, then you’re most likely to make mistakes along the way.

Even small mistakes can result in higher costs and poor quality video. Poor video production can affect your brand image. To keep away from any bad results and create a powerful brand, we at ClickPlayFilms have created a list of some of the most common errors made during video production. In this article, we will also be looking at the pros and cons of self-video production and outsourcing to help you determine which option works best for you.

Poor Audio Equipment

A common mistake made is that brands don’t invest in audio. Poor audio is obvious, and it can often distract from the message you want to send. Professional audio equipment can help avoid this problem. Moreover, it can improve the quality of your brand image and help remove any outside noises affecting the quality of your video. Your location matters when forming your brand because, in the end, it represents what you think about your business. If your location has outside noise, then sounds such as wind, cars, and people can cause your brand video to look unpolished.

Quality Lighting Equipment

Poor lighting can make your actors and location look dull. This won’t engage viewers and will often cause them to click away from the video fast. Lighting equipment can control your environment and help keep audiences focused on your message. Good lighting helps make your actors look good, makes your environment clean, and presents your image in the best light.

Using White Walls in Film

Video production works to create engaging environments with their viewers. Blank, white walls can often make the video appear dull. White walls don’t have emotion and depth behind them and can make your brand appear uninteresting. While white walls can make your video brand look dull, having too much background can also distract your brand video. Attempting to break monotony requires a high amount of video production skill.

Shooting From Weird Angles

When filming your actor, filming requires that your subject is engaged with the audience or scene. If the camera is at an awkward angle, it takes away from the video and loses its impact. Nevertheless, company video production requires that you know the purpose of your brand. Your video shot will reflect what you know and don’t know. It’s essential to keep this in mind while filming.

Self-Production vs. Video Production Company

If these mistakes don’t worry you, you probably have considered the many various parts of corporate video production. Lighting, audio, location, actors – these are the keys to great brand video production. However, even if you know how to produce a video, planning out these steps also takes a lot of time and money. According to Comscore, even if you consider yourself excellent at video production, user-generated videos are often outperformed by professionally produced videos by 30%.

Professional New York or Chicago video production matters when looking at your options. Here’s what we’ve observed while working with our clients:

Pros of Producing Videos In-House

  • Deep Understanding of Brand

  • Knowledge of Competitive Brands

  • Full Creative Control

  • Owning Equipment

  • Easy to Schedule Reshoots

  • Set Own Timelines

  • Controlled Team Size

Cons of Producing Videos In-House

  • Expensive Equipment Investments

  • Team Size Limits Production

  • Costs of Salary Team Members

  • Biased Approach

  • Multiple Task For Few Members

Pros of Outsourcing Video Production

  • Unbiased, Outside Perspective

  • Expert Storytellers

  • Videos Designed For Optimization

  • Professional Actors

  • Special Effects Experience

  • Equipment Costs Reduced

Cons of Outsourcing Video Production

  • Limited Creative Control

  • Scheduled Project Timelines

  • Extensive Planning and Interviewing

  • High Expenses Per Video Basis

  • Less Control Over Video Production

Nevertheless, both strategies for company video production have upgrades and downsides but are important to good business. Going with your team will give you more control over your brand and timeline. Above all, it can also produce more costs, especially if mistakes are made during the process. In-house video production can make the brand video look biased and result in poorer idea flow and expensive revisions. Expensive revisions can hurt your business and make you appear sloppy and unprofessional to your audience.

The best way to control these mistakes and make the most out of your company video is to choose a video production agency.

Why Choose A Video Production Agency?

Both in-house and outsources have a time and place to be used. If your business is growing at a rapid pace, then outsourcing is what you need. Firstly, Outsourcing can help reduce the costs of your investments and help spread out tasks to talented people ready to film for you. Video production companies help bring your ideas to life by handling the video production process professionally. Agencies like us work to ensure that your brand becomes a reality by providing the equipment, actors, and location to make your business a marketing possibility.

At ClickPlayFilms, we work with numerous clients to achieve the most for your business. As experts in New York and Fort Lauderdale video production, we set ourselves out for high production quality and offer great resources to make your video appear with your brand in mind. When you outsource with us, we’re able to make your video come to life. We offer video production services for many strategies, including:

  • Brand Films

  • Advertisement Films

  • Homepage Films

  • Customer Testimonials

  • High Profile Explainers

  • Whiteboard, Animated, and Stop-Motion Videos

Outsourcing your video can give your business the competitive edge it needs. If your business is growing, we want to be a part of it. We can help build your campaign and help you generate revenue that reaches out to your audience and makes you a brand to remember. For more information regarding our services, contact us by phone or email to get a consultation and begin your journey towards a memorable brand image!

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