What Effect Does the Delta Variant Have on NYC Video Production Companies?

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New York City Production Companies

New York City has always been a sought-after filming location for video production companies. Before the rise of Hollywood, New York City was the place to be for up-and-comers in the film industry. New York City was once named the film capital in the world. Video production companies in NYC have thrived since the first moving films were available to the public.

New York City StreetsHowever, the costs of filming began to rise. This negatively affected the number of video production companies choosing to work in NYC. Even film productions intended to take place in NYC were filmed in other states. Companies did this to avoid the high expenses of filming in New York. In 2004, the state put a film tax credit program to provide an incentive to video production companies wanting to produce in New York.

New York Film Tax Credit Program

Lately, any video production companies are drawn to cities like NYC due to the film tax credit offered by the state. Currently, the state provides a 25% tax credit towards eligible production and post-production expenses. This tax credit offers an incentive for video production companies choosing to film in New York City. However, it is essential to note that within New York City, this tax credit is only eligible for large-scale productions. Video production companies in NYC must spend over $1 million to qualify for the film tax credit program.

While many video production companies are based out of NYC and still choose to film within the famous metropolitan city, video production companies took a hit when productions came to a halt due to COVID-19 lockdowns. In March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic became a severe threat, video production companies worldwide ceased production to protect film production crews from the virus. Restrictions were put in place for film production companies until January 2021, when vaccinated film crews could begin working on projects again.


Recent Comeback after COVID-19 Lockdowns

In the summer of 2021, the world began to open up again. Or so we thought. By August, the world has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels. Vaccines have become more widely available, and film production has finally returned to the norms of not wearing masks or needing social distance. NYC video production companies have fully booked schedules with projects. Once again, film production companies have finally been able to thrive after over a year of inactivity.

The resilience of the video production industry and its ability to thrive once again after this pandemic shows how essential this industry is to the economy of New York City. Unfortunately, the delta variant of the virus is threatening this recent comeback of video production companies in NYC after the COVID-19 lockdowns.


delta variant

Delta Variant of COVID-19

Currently, the delta variant of the virus causes 84% of all COVID-19 cases in the United States. This variant is significantly more contagious than the original strain of COVID-19. Daily death rates of New York City citizens have hit double digits once again. It’s safe to assume that New York may be facing lockdowns again soon. The city officials are already looking into precautions to control the current spread of the delta variant.

The delta variant of COVID-19 has slightly different symptoms than the original strain of the virus. However, the strain is just as deadly. This variant is so highly contagious could make this outbreak even more destructive than the original pandemic outbreak. The timing of the rise of the delta variant is unfortunate. NYC video production companies were finally starting to get on their feet again after the COVID-19 lockdowns. Now, the potential of new restrictions is threatening film production once again. Read on to learn about the potential effects of the new delta variant on video production in NYC.


The Effect of the New Delta Variant on NYC Video Production Companies                                                                                                

The delta variant could have a severe impact on NYC video production companies. If lockdowns happen again to prevent the spread of the virus, film production companies might put projects on pause until safe work conditions are possible again. Lack of stimulus money for the production crew, which may be left unemployed, can harm their quality of living. Video production companies will struggle financially without being able to work on projects.

The rise of delta variant COVID-19 cases on the rise in New York is threatening the vitality of video production companies. However, with large companies settling down in NYC for film production purposes, hope remains for the big city. Recently, the online streaming service Netflix has opened its first-ever production studio in New York City. This studio opening will create a significant number of video production jobs within NYC. With the Netflix studio setting up shop within NYC, there is the possibility that video production companies within the city still have a chance to thrive within the pandemic.


video production NYC

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the delta variant of COVID-19 will affect NYC video production companies. At this point, it isn’t easy to pinpoint what precisely these effects will be. If New York City implements lockdowns and social distancing mandates, video production companies may have to halt production. While these lockdowns can be very beneficial to fighting the spread of the delta variant, they can be detrimental to film production companies that can no longer work.

New York City video production companies were able to bounce back when productions were allowed to continue in January of 2021. However, the new outbreaks of the delta variant are threatening this recent recovery. The opening of Netflix’s production studio in NYC provides hope for the local film production industry. Even if video production companies in NYC suffer due to upcoming lockdowns and mandates, the industry will always be capable of recovering. The film tax credits in place in New York will always provide an incentive for video production companies to continue production in NYC.

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