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Why choose us at Click Play Films? We’re one of the leading video production companies New York leading corporate and business video experts. We have been serving businesses, corporations, and organizations for over ten years. Since then, we’ve expanded beyond the big apple into Los Angeles, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, and Boston. All of this to better serve companies like yourself.

But what makes our company unique from the rest? As a film production company, we know that you have enough on your plate. Your projects can be left in the hands of experts you can trust. Above all, choose us means that you can have the confidence to focus on your business. Today, we’re going to explore our history, the companies that trust us, and explain why you should choose us for your new project. In the end, you’ll discover why working with us boost your company’s visibility and reputation.

Our Leading Company Past Projects

In today’s market, the demand for video production will always remain high. Leading companies all trust video production companies New York to create quality-focused videos. Companies like SONY, Netflix, Facebook Watch, and USA Networks have chosen Click Play Films as New York’s most trusted video production company. We’re there for you regardless of the nature of your project. Below, we’ll showcase some of our best work:

Avalon Shampoo

Avalon Organics is an organic certified personal care company. They brought us a project to showcase their organic hair care products. We focused on how they can help reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and help heal and thicken your hair. Through this initiative, we hired actors, voice overlays, planned locations, and focused on high-quality film to showcase their products. View our commercial here.

Toyota Tacoma Commercial

Toyota wanted to display the power and ingenuity of its trucks, cars, and hybrids. We helped create a montage of their vehicles through various settings and terrains. Similarly, we also used high angle, low angle, and birds eye transitions to exhibit the sleek finesse of each of their models. We also hired actors in these settings to provide a sense of realism for the commercials. View our montage commercial here.

Netflix – Changes of Color

In a project with Netflix, we helped film and design a presentation showcasing an insider’s look into the Seven Seconds, an American crime drama under Netflix films. Our company helped design the setting, lighting, and camera focus to film the actors’ interviews. Within the presentation, we added transition slides and subtitles to further the narrative of the racial disparity of black actors in Hollywood. We worked to raise awareness of the need for more representation in media. View the interview here.

Sony Music – Rag’n’Bone

Through their presentation Lost in Music, Sony Music assisted in filming a short interview video with Rag’n’Bone Man, a singer-songwriter famous for his deep baritone voice. We intermixed their documentary for recreating Rag’N’Bone’s song Human with transition slides and edits in close-ups, tilt angles, and other various angle shots. To view the video, watch it here.

Hire ClickPlayFilms Among Other Video Production Companies New York

When it comes to hiring our video production team, the pressure to meet deadlines and find the right company can be challenging. Budget is an essential criterion, and researching video production companies in New York can be frustrating when on a time crunch. We understand these struggles. That’s why we’re here to minimize them. Often, finding the right video production companies New York can cause confusing scenarios, especially if:

  • You need a video for the first time and don’t know where to start with a realistic budget.
  • Don’t know what kind of videographer you need for your project
  • You have spoken to several production companies that left you hanging.
  • Are aware of the pressures from your new project and need help.
  • You have had previous experience with poor-quality producers.
  • Past producers hurt your marketing budget with poor-quality products.
  • Missed critical deadlines due to production errors that wasted time and money.

If you relate to any of these problems, we can prevent and solve these problems. That’s why our clients choose us to provide high-quality video when you need it.

How We Help Your Project At ClickPlayFilms

We’re a full-service production company that takes responsibility for everything we produce. Because our goals are to make your business look good, help build your brand, and deliver products that work within your budget.

Our clients choose us among the competition because we work through a dedicated process that includes:

  • A Detailed, Easy-To-Follow Process: We streamline our process to avoid unnecessary steps. You’ll be presented with the initial steps we will take to deliver a final product. We avoid wasted meetings, business delays, and unneeded stress. We will work through your budget with no hidden mid-project fees to provide you with confidence.
  • Partnerships That Produce High-Quality Outcomes: We create partnerships that last through our various work with companies like Netflix and Sony. We will provide you with the creative control needed to get your brand right and give you a true sense of ownership for your videos.
  • Creative Ideas With Real-World Marketing: ClickPlayFilms works with the latest marketing strategies to compel audiences and increase sales. We tell inspiring stories through our directors and producers to support your business. We create the future of marketing assets that help inspire and move others.
  • 100% Satisfied, Finished Final Products: We are not like most video production companies in New York through clear objectives. If you have a project that requires touchups and finishes, we will edit and adjust your video until it’s entirely up to your quality standards and needs for your project.

We can create videos that compel, inspire, and speak to your audience like never before. We work with the latest technology and equipment to deliver cutting-edge products that let you go far. Get in contact with us at ClickPlayFilms and let us help you create something inspiring together.

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