Explainer Videos, What They Are and Why They’re Important

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If you have a small business or a large one you might be asking yourself if you need to start focusing on explainer videos for your company. Any business that has a strong Internet presence knows the importance of great SEO content. That content can be explained in a short video that sums up your website in just a few short minutes.

Explaining the Explainer Video

In the very fast-paced business world of today, when people are looking to make a purchase they need to be entertained as well as informed. They lose interest fast and it is easy to click from one business to the next. That being said, you have to have something that will help set your business apart. Something that makes them want to stay and continue to read or watch and learn about your website. This is where explainer video production comes into play.

It’s Not New

Explainer Video Production has been going on for a while. You can see them in almost any startup company and even the big companies too. Whether it’s a physical business, on the web, or on their homepage they are grabbing customer’s attention. They are the funny, quirky, and informative videos you see that describe a business or product. There is a lot that goes into one from graphics to animation and more. So here is what explainer videos are plain and simple.

Visually Pleasing

They are like powerpoint presentations on steroids. Just like a presentation, its purpose is to inform the viewer in the simplest way possible. The difference is that it is done using verbal and visual stimulation through high-quality Explainer Video Production.  Explainer videos are a 2-3 minute video that explains an idea to the viewer. Additionally, explaining your business to different people can take 1 to 2 hours. Forget that you have a website that explains your great idea.

Too Many Pages Not Enough Time

That’s great, but not all people have the time to read through your pages to learn about your idea. Through explainer videos in the short 2 to 3 minutes, you’re actually getting a chance to get your message and idea across. This will increase the chances that they would buy your product. Explainer videos are important. They improve your company and potentially improve conversion rates. Making your business more successful.

Now You Know The Importance

So you can see the importance of how having a good explainer video can boost your business. To take the time to read 15 to 30 minutes of web page material is time-consuming for the average person today. Web pages are turning to simpler options that give a more in-depth look at their entire page without an individual having to do all of this information searching themselves. If your business is just starting or has been in business for years you should be utilizing the power of explainer videos to strengthen your online presence. If you have fans on social media it is also easy for them to share your explainer video over social media.

Their Uses

Explainer video production has been used for Kickstarter videos, books, trailers, bloggers, inspirational speakers, nonprofit organizations, training, seminars, product launches, educational materials, lesson plans, and just about anything else you can think of. You have an idea you want to share with people and now you’re excited so how do we start first determine if you have a budget for this video can be very expensive but of course of well-produced explainer video will eventually pay off in the long run.

Your Budget is Important

Your next step is to decide on a budget for your explainer video and pick a company that is affordable. So now you have decided on a company to produce an explainer video the next step is the script. You can either write your own script or have the company write a script for you. You don’t have to worry about the voice-over because and explain your video company will have it recorded by a professional for you there was a storyboard for you to check and then they start their magic elements to the video add some awesome sauce and BAM you have yourself an explainer video.

Choose a Company That Will Work for You

Be sure to choose the right production company to go with when you are choosing an explainer video. This is a very important decision. You need a company that will stay within your budget and meet the demands and needs of your business. Of course you need a company like Click Play Films. They are your complete media production company and will walk you through the entire process from start beginning.

There Every Step of the Way

The discovery, treatment, planning, production, post-production, and delivery are all handled professionally by Click Play Films. Offering corporate commercial & Animation services click play films gives you the quality that you can count on with experience you can trust.

The Services You Can Get

Our corporate services include corporate videos, CEO videos, web videos, pictures videos, marketing videos, fundraising videos, instructional videos, educational videos, business videos, promotional videos, medical video production, trade show videos, production demo videos, health care video production, and employment video production just to name some of the professional corporate services that we offer. We also have commercial services that offer TV commercials, video billboards, viral videos, social media videos, promo videos, web commercials, image videos, and more. We also have animation services available that offer 3d animation, 2d animation, whiteboard animation motion graphics, and explainer videos. So no matter what your explainer video names or your Digital media production needs are Click Play Films is there for you.

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