Getting Started video production cost

How Much Does a Video Cost?

There is such a thing as a general price sheet with links to the videos already produced and their respective prices attached. Prices are typically broken down into ranges since the same exact video can be produced at different price points depending on the specific content requirements and amount of resources provided by the client.…

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EntertainmentVideo Production video content

Taking Content to Heart

Tears flow, tissues are pulled, sitting on the edge of your seat, sweat pours. The content of a video can elicit strong emotion or evoke the need for a product that transcends all fiscal responsibility or logic. Advertisers and content creators want to avoid the pitfalls of creating stale or “manufactured” subject matter; the kind…

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Entertainment production industry

Help Wanted: Old Souls in Entertainment

A very conspicuous hole is being left in the wake of so many film and music creators and contributors passing away recently. Where an equally talented and spirited thinker should be stepping up as successor to these empty thrones, there sits no one. The charisma, star quality, artistic genius, and quality of material in the…

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Video Production click play films

What We Do At Click Play Films

Your Content Is Our Specialty At ClickPlayFilms, we recognize the need you have to create quality content. We are New York video production experts, and you have come to the right place if you are looking to get some content produced. Don’t Have The Time To Produce Quality Content? Most people simply do not have…

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Political video in social media

#Powertothepeople Video in social media

With so many socio-political controversies stirring around the world, youthful angst is at an all-time high. Millennials have taken to the streets to protest in mass numbers, but the soapbox has now extended far beyond public demonstration and street marches. In the current political and technological climate, there is a new way to get the…

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