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Look no further than Click Play Films, the premiere video production company in Fort Lauderdale, conveniently located at 110 East Broward Blvd, Suite 1700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, and serving all of Florida! With over 10 years of experience and thousands of videos under our belt, you can count on our team of producers, camera operators, directors and writers to make sure your video stands out in the crowd and gets results!

Your NYC Production Company: Click Play Films

Incorporating the perfect lighting, playful animation and talented actors makes all the difference in high quality video production. Our expert NYC team can create effective video marketing production that fits your New York-based organization’s goals and budget.

We also take care of all the details of production from getting permits and legal releases for locations and actors as well as helping you secure any type of grants and incentives your production may be eligible for through the New York State film tax credit program.

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NYC Video Production

NYC has always been the place where business is done. As companies seek ever-more effective forms of communication in a crowded marketplace, they find video to be the most reliable form of conveying their messages — and nowhere is that truer than in New York City.

From advertising and prospecting for clients, to in-house training and on-boarding videos for their remote and/or NYC-based employees, there is an ever-growing list of uses for corporate videos to be distributed in an omni-channel approach.

NYC Corporate Video Production

A common form of corporate video production for many tri-state and Greater New York companies involves interviews and B-roll. But that doesn’t necessarily make it as boring and cookie-cutter as it sounds.

In most cases, this type of NYC video production is the most effective because of its laser focus on the topic it is meant to emphasize.

Reasonable Pricing

Historically, New York City ad agencies have been the biggest consumers of video and commercial production for national broadcast campaigns.

In most cases, they hire union workers, actors, and producers which balloon the costs of their productions to the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

However, today, with the advent of modern DSLR technology, the cost of equipment and cameras have become much more affordable and accessible for any business to utilize their power, similar to these large brands and marketing campaigns of days past.

Today’s technology has leveled the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses in New York, as well as for large brands to mimic the quality and look of video production, and fit it within their marketing budgets.

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Corporate Video Pricing & Packages

01. Run & Gun

One-man-band type of shoots where we just send a single camera operator to handle camera, lights, and sound for a 10-hour day in or near New York City.Roughly $3,000

02. Dream Team

hree-person shoot in or near New York City, where we would have a designated camera operator, sound person, and producer to handle direction on set. Roughly $4,000

03. Hollywood

Full crew shoot, including NYC-based Producer/Director, DoP, Cam Op, Gaffer/Grip, Sound, DIT. Includes quality gear: Canon C300/Sony FS7 or Alexa/RED camera packages, Cinema Prime/Master.Roughly $10,000 – $20,000 per day

04. The Oscars

Higher-end production, with Hollywood-caliber crew and gear right here in New York, plus set design and carpentry, art direction, choreography, additional talent and casting, permits, usually a bigger buildout and more complexity to the shoot brief.NRoughly $20,000 – $50,000+ per day

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