Video Production NYC: The Complete Productions Guide

Are you looking for a New York City Video Production company? Do you want to know more about the process and the different production services video offered? In this complete guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about NYC Video Production Services. We will discuss the different types of video content services offered, the process of video production, and the costs involved.

An introduction to Video Production

It is the process of creating a video. This can include the three phases: Pre-production, production, and post-production. It can also include the recording of events, interviews, or other footage.

3 Phases of Video Productions


Pre-production involves all of the preparations for your video. Don’t be misled by how simple it seems; pre-production is undoubtedly the most important (and time-consuming) stage of video production.


The actual filming may be the most exciting element of your production work! Everything that was prepared during pre-production comes to life. If you’ve made your choice, this should be the easiest and quickest part of the procedure.


 If pre-production is the most time-consuming and creation is the shortest, post-production is unquestionably the most time-consuming. This necessitates compiling all of the footage you’ve already shot into a single, cohesive piece, then going through revision after revision to polish it and reveal your idealized end product. This will, understandably, take time.

8 Stages of Pre-production


Every video starts with a story to be told. This manifests itself through ideation.

Write the script

This should tell the story exactly how you pictured it before, as well as determining the images that will be taken during creation. It’s possible that the script will go through multiple changes before it reaches its full storytelling potential.

Create a shot list/storyboard

Shot lists and storyboards are created once the screenplay has been finalized to provide your team a clear vision. Storyboards are created to serve as a visual representation of the script, showing the shots that the production team should take throughout the shoot.

Scout and confirm locations

You’ll need venues to film in if you’re shooting a live-action video (though animation is very popular these days). After creating the storyboards, you should have have certain locations in mind, so this stage is researching them and making sure they match your expectations for the shoot.

Define the budget

The budget should be nearly finalized to guarantee that you can afford the shoot’s essential parts, such as venues and equipment.

Book the talent

Several decisions must be taken here, like whether voice over narration talent is required, whether people from your organization will appear in the film, and whether professional talents are required, among others. If your budget allows, you might want to consider employing a casting agent to help you discover the right folks.

Get equipment

It is important to secure all the equipment you’d need for the shoot. To start, it’s essential to get a camera, microphones, and lights. Accessories depend on what you need for your video.

Production schedule

The end of pre-production is nigh. With everything neatly organized, a schedule for your shooting days must be prepared for the crew to follow on the day itself.

3 Stages of Production

Prepare the scene

All equipment must be set up according to plan prior to filming. Everything from the lights to the camera is included. Before filming, the director may mark out where the actors should stand in order to acquire the ideal angle for shooting.

Get behind-the-scenes footage

If you’re on-site during filming, it might be a good idea to capture behind-the-scenes footage that could be used for additional videos in the future, whether to upload on social media or in another video revealing your process.

Store your footage

Remember to save the video to a safe hard drive as soon as recording is over to avoid losing everything your team has worked so hard for!

3 Stages of Post-production

Edit your video

This is a very collaborative work process that needs a high level of trust among all individuals involved in the editing of the footage. First, all of the raw footage is uploaded and organized into the appropriate software.

Color grade your video

After the video has been more or less completed, your video is sent to a colorist. The colorist first color corrects. This entails fixing any glaring issues with the video, including standardizing variations in color across different times, locations, and even cameras. Color correcting could also mean mending an overexposed or underexposed shot, mending the white balance, the contrast, skin tones, and more.

Upload the video

Your video should now be finished. It’s just a matter of getting it out there. Though the mp4 format is commonly utilized across most digital platforms, the video needs first be rendered according to the site it’s objectives to be uploaded on.

Video Production Services in NYC


Animation is the process of bringing images to life. Images are manipulated to look as though they are moving.

Commercial & Brand Videos

Commercial & brand is a brand that stands on its own without a single person representing it. This brand connects and engages with their audience, but as the business and not as the person. Though you can market your branded content page to a general audience, it helps to have ideal clients in mind. 

Corporate Videos

The corporate video refers to any type of non-advertisement based video content created for and commissioned by a business, company, corporation, or organization.

Live Events & Live Video streaming

Live Video streaming is streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time over the Internet.

TV Production

TV production is the process of developing a television show from its early writing stage through acquiring talent and a crew, securing a set or location, shooting, editing, and preparing it for broadcast.

Video Editing & Graphics

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. It is used to structure and present all video information, including films and television shows, video advertisements and video.

Social Media Video

It is a short-form video crafted specifically to drive engagement actions and captivate viewers on social networks. You’re going to have a hard time drawing the attention of new clients. Posting about yourself and your work on social media is a good idea. To help potential clients learn about services and also promote your business in the process, build a presence on video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

Remote Video Production

Remote video production eliminates any travel costs associated with travelling for both talent and crew.

Difference Between Videography

The main difference between videography and video production is that videography is the art of capturing footage is the process of creating a video. Videography can be seen as the foundation of video production, as it captures all of the footage that will be used in the final product. It requires more planning and organization, as it involves assembling a team to film, edit, and produce a video.

Skills needed in video production

Skills you need for video production vary depending on the type of production you’re working on. However, some key skills include editing, filming, animation, and graphic design. It’s also important to be able to effectively communicate with clients and collaborate with a team.

Need Quality Video Content Services?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Video Production in NYC?

Video company production in New York City can vary in price depending on the company you go with, the length and type of videos, and other factors. However, a general price range for video production services in NYC would be around $3,000 to $10,000.

How much does it cost to produce a 5 minute video?

To produce a five minute video, it will typically around $3,000 to $10,000. This is just a general estimate, as the price can vary depending on the company you work with, the length and type of video, and other factors. However, this should give you a rough idea of what to expect.

Need an Awesome video? Submit us a quote for free! At Click Play Films we focus on audience engagement as the key to building lasting brands, relationships and partnerships. Contact us at 888-410-8050.

Why do companies need video production?

The most common reasons include increasing brand awareness, promoting a product or service, and engaging with customers which results in to return of investment (ROI). Video marketing services is a great way to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Is video production in demand?

Yes, it is in high demand. With the prevalence of social media and online video, businesses are realizing more and more the importance of quality video content. Not only it’s a great way to engage with your audience, but it’s also an effective video marketing strategy.

Is it hard to get a job in video production?

No, it’s not hard to get a job. In fact, the demand for quality video is only increasing, so there are plenty of opportunities for those with the necessary skills and experience. If you’re interested in entering the field, start by studying related concepts and practicing your editing and filming skills. You may also want to look for internships or apprenticeships with experienced video producers. With a little hard work, strategy, and dedication, you can make a name for yourself in the world of film production.

What do video production companies do?

Company production services are responsible for creating quality videos for businesses and organizations. This can include everything from commercial and brand videos to corporate videos and live event services. They typically work with clients to get a clear understanding of what they want their video to achieve, and then use their expertise in filming, editing, and animation to bring that vision to life.

How do I get into video production?

Start by studying related concepts and practicing your editing and filming skills. You may also want to look for internships or apprenticeships with experienced video producers. With a little hard work and dedication, you can make a name for yourself in the world of video productions. Creative video producers who understand advertising and marketing concepts can often take on agencies as clients. 

How much money is the film industry worth?

According to Businesswire, In 2021 The global film industry is worth an estimated $234.9 billion. The market is expected to reach $318.2 billion by 2025, and $410.6 billion by 2030, as more and more businesses realize the importance of quality video.

How long does it take to produce a film?

The time it takes to produce a film can vary greatly depending on the project’s scope and complexity. However, on average, it takes around two to four weeks to produce a high-quality corporate video.

About Click Play Films

Our award winning team has worked on Feature Films, National Ad Campaigns, and come from all walks of life… we cultivate the most out of the box thinkers while maintaining time tested production wisdom. Although our main office is in the center of the melting pot of the world in Downtown NYC, our strategic approach and direction has enabled us to work without geographic bounds.

Our work includes full production services in China, Italy, Dubai, London, France, and Canada… but if you’re ever in NYC our door is always open so don’t waste your money on overpriced water-down coffee when you can stroll right in and make yourself a hot cup of brew and say Hello! We are happy to serve you!

Principles Of Our Work


Creativity is the focal point of our approach to each project we produce. Channeling our imagination to cook up original ideas to stand out in a cluttered landscape of content.


We value the integrity of our clients and the brands we work with. Both ethically and cohesively we strive to handle our clients brand and reputation with care in everything we create.


Click Play utilizes the latest in technology, equipment and methodology to deliver the most cutting edge production offering that exists in today’s market.

Here at Click Play Films, we’re a NYC video production company that offers a suite of services to market your business during these challenging times:

  • Animation
  • Commercial & Brand Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Live Events & Livestreaming
  • TV Production

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