New York Production Company: Types of Marketing Videos

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Video Marketing

The experts at a New York Production Company recommend video marketing as one of the particularly useful tactics for a profitable business. You’re generally on the right track if you’ve decided to have or to create one. But then, there are many kinds of videos to choose from and use for video marketing. The following is a guide to get started.

Types of Marketing Videos for Business

1. Video testimonials

They are goldmines for your business! Customer testimonials are convincing. They can do the marketing for you. If possible, you can ask customers to talk about how your product or service has helped them.  When done the right way, video testimonials help turn customers into sales representatives. They can tell their story and show others how your business is beneficial for other prospects.

2. Educational videos

A New York Production Company can create a less than 2-minute video that teaches how to do something. These bite-sized videos are great in attracting new customers or are used on social media channels, blog or FAQ page

3. Commercial marketing videos

Push your product or service to the world with ad content. Explain how it works. These commercial videos must be short and use a focused theme to raise awareness about your business.

4. Live explainer videos

They are a demo of a product or service that can connect with prospective customers. These live-action videos are a great way to display your personal business such as a consultancy one. People like to see others in the video that shares an emotional connection with them. Live explainers are effective for storytelling.

5. Branded content videos

They’re a combination of editorial and advertising content. Branded videos can be under a minute, barely mentioning your company but targeting your prospects.

6. Animated explainer videos

These videos are perfect for web services and tech companies because they demonstrate something abstract, which can be hard to explain. New York Production Company says it is easy to brand with an explainer video by using similar styles, colors, and themes. They can be on your home page or included in marketing materials.

Are You Ready for Marketing Videos?

Live explainers, animated, educational or promotional videos, any of them are a surefire way of boosting your presence.  Leverage the power of video marketing to your advantage. Talk to an expert from a New York Production Company today!

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