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Click Play Films is a film and animation production company with an emphasis on creating powerful videos to inspire audiences to notice and act on your message. We take creativity seriously. Our mission is to build lasting impressions long after they Click Play!

Our award-winning team has worked on Feature Films, National Ad Campaigns, and come from all walks of life… we cultivate the most out of the box thinkers while maintaining time-tested production wisdom. Although our main office is in the center of the melting pot of the world in Downtown NYC, our strategic approach and direction has enabled us to work without geographic bounds.

Our work includes production in China, Italy, Dubai, London, France, and Canada… but if you’re ever in NYC our door is always open so don’t waste your money on overpriced water-down coffee when you can stroll right in and make yourself a hot cup of brew and say Hello.

Example: New York City Branded Content Video Production

Branded content is a form of advertising that blurs conventional distinctions between what constitutes advertising and what constitutes entertainment. The two blend so you end up with an entertaining video that has a strong emphasis on a particular product. The product can be talked about specifically within the video or not discussed at all, but instead heavily focused on visually. Branded content is generally funded entirely by a brand or corporation and can be used at events and installations, in film, video games, music, the internet and television.

Branded content is a great way to get people interested in your product because the key to it all is entertainment. Our team can develop fun video concepts for you that incorporate great visuals, all of which will continue to promote your brand and increase revenue.

If you or your company is looking for a creative and affordable New York City video production company, please contact New Dawn Films anytime to receive a free quote.

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We believe that every video we create should not only meet but exceed your expectations. That’s why we offer unlimited revisions to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final product.

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We love creating budgets and helping our clients realize their vision. Let’s get in touch and see how we can get your audience to Click Play on your videos!

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