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Training Video Production

Click Play Films is one of the premier Training Video Production Companies leading the way in value driven services for organizations looking to maximize the effectiveness of their internal videos to help fuel growth and increase efficiencies. 

Training videos have become an effective tool for franchises and start ups as well as large organizations seeking to optimize their current training and onboarding processes. 

Training videos can be used both internally and externally. External uses such as explaining how to use your products and even preparing customers before using products or services is a great way to improve the customer experience. This is also a great way to cut down on unnecessary inbound calls and email traffic taking pressure off your internal team.

Why You Need a Training Video

Video production provides training, development and orientation departments a variety of benefits including the faculty to distribute content either company-wide or to specific groups. This way, by providing a custom learning experience for each subset, companies are able to achieve better retention of content as well cut down on employee training costs. Training video production provides a better end user experience as well by providing a better way of receiving the information as opposed to written content in pamphlets, or from speeches in a large audience by powerpoint presentations or otherwise. 

We have produced countless training videos, from franchises who have hired our company to produce videos to train expanding kitchen staff on topics such as Dress Code and proper uniform attire, as well as back of kitchen prep for each item on their menu. 

We recently produced a series of driver training videos for the national grocery delivery service Peapod. With hundreds of drivers in ever expanding markets, these training videos have become a necessary tool to ensure each driver gets comprehensive training. 

Due to the sensitive nature of internal training videos we cannot show any examples of training videos we have produced for our clients. This is something you can count on when hiring us that we will certain keep you trade secrets and all proprietary content safe and never shared. 

You can see some of our corporate work to get a good sense of how we would film and animate a training video for you!



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Click Play Films is focused on delivering corporate videos to not only deliver the highest quality videos but also the best and most effective approach to messaging. As a full service video production company, we leave no stone unturned, from pre-production, planning, casting and working with your team to producing directing and filming – and finally to post production, editing and sound design as well as voice recording, companies rely on Click Play Films to deliver the best video their money can buy! Talk to one of our video producers today and see how we can help you reach your corporate video goals today.
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Corporate Training Video Production

Training Videos are one of the most effective types of corporate videos a company can produce. Their scalability provides a huge ROI for large organizations and just as effective for small and more nimble companies.

Human resources departments have long reaped the benefits of corporate training video production to maximize the onboarding process by delivering an optimized experience on a consistent basis. Training videos provide HR departments the ability to deliver consistent messaging by standardizing often overlooked or redundant basic introductions such as company overviews, historic timelines, as well as messages from senior leadership and CEOs.


Company overview and history

This is a great way to familiarize new employees with the background necessary to understand the company they are working for. By understanding and learning the history of a company and where they are in relation to this history they have a better perspective on where they are today.


Executive messages

Most companies go through important changes and progresses that need to be addressed in order to keep everyone abreast of current events and overall direction. Video memos from executives are a great way to express these changes in a more human and tangible way.


Role descriptions and responsibilities

Sometimes there are just a few key positions while some companies have countless roles to fill. Training and conveying the specific responsibilities and techniques for each individual role are critical to a company performing like a well oiled machine.


Career advancement opportunities

Setting clear goals and objectives is the key to an ambitious and progressive company driven by employees who strive to achieve greatness. A workforce moving in a positive direction in hopes of individual success lead to the overall success of the entire company.


Company benefits

Stability is rooted in a company’s ability to provide a safe haven and livelihood inside the company as well as outside of the company inside the homes and individual lives of each employee. Today’s most successful companies understand that benefits are a key to an effective workforce – presenting employees with all their benefits is a great way to encourage enthusiasm and emphasize the value of working at your company.


Safety training

Critical to the overall financial wellbeing of a company is the health of its employees. Safety first is not just a catchphrase but a way of doing things. By acknowledging and teaching the specific steps and process for any given role to function with safe way, you can decrease the likelihood of anyone getting hurt within your company as well as the general public.


Sexual harassment training

The majority of states in the USA have strict sexual harassment training laws and requirements. You can find the laws in your state here. Regardless of the laws and requirements in your municipality, it’s always a good thing to keep all your bases covered.


Customer service training

Customer service training can be the difference between a positive public opinion and a negative one. In todays review happy society, providing the proper training for your customer service department can ensure a positive experience and brand image.

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