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With the vast amount of production companies in Los Angeles, it can be difficult to find the best video production company capable of producing high end videos without costing a fortune. Luckily you found Click Play Films, centrally located at 7083 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028, serving sunny California for over 10 years. Our goal is to provide the best bang for your buck with video production services including corporate video production and award winning commercial video production in addition to our TV and Movie production company capabilities.

Not Yo’ Mama’s Corporate Video Production Company

We know corporate video production sounds dry and boring, but we bring the flavor to each project we work on and that includes corporate and business video productions. Inspiration can be fleeting but our ability to capture the moment for your brand and engage your audience until the last drop is what makes our production company a valuable partner for your next corporate video. We have produced countless videos for businesses in LA as well as across the country. Our corporate production services include EPK style testimonial videos, corporate overview video production as well as internal videos for onboarding like training videos and product videos. Whatever your company needs, we can help you produce it – from soup to nuts.

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Case Studies

Our featured projects

Our goal is to produce videos that get results. Check out some of our most recognized work including corporate and commercial videos for North Memorial Health, Toyota, Standard Chartered Bank and Canada Goose. 

Why LA Is Such a Great Production City

The glitz and the glamour live right here in our backyard, this is Hollywood baby! known for its year round mediterranean like weather, thriving business centers, and of course the hub of America’s Movie Industry! Home to some of the best studios sets and backlots in the country, the city of Angles has more resources available for your film project than any other city in the world. From some of the best crew and industry professionals available to hire as well as all the best gear and equipment which may sometimes be hard to find  outside of LA as it would be too specialized to get the amount of use anywhere else. And who can forget about the film incentives! LA has a $1.5 billion tax credit program you can tap into. If you are seeking some help navigating your way around this magical city – call us and we’ll even buy you a turmeric latte (if thats what you’re into)!

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Why Hire Click Play Films

If you’re wondering what makes Click Play Films think they deserve my business, then let us answer that question by saying that we promise to treat your video like it is the only project we are working on. You have our undivided attention from the very beginning, you will always be able to get someone from our team on the phone and expect an immediate reply to your emails and texts. We become part of your team and we also make sure to look after every decision to ensure the best possible quality video and most efficient execution for your project. we love working with our clients and we always have fun!

Steps To Success

Our Video Production Process

The following 6 step video production process is what you can expect as the steps from the day you hire us to the day we deliver your video!

Discovering your goals, target video audience, and brand standards are critical in helping us develop your project to work effectively in representing your company in the right light as well as being received by your viewers in the best way possible. This usually happens in the initial kick off call that we have with every client.

This is critical to the success of your video project. The way we tell our message is the difference between a successful video campaign and one that falls short of the goals and metrics it seeks to achieve. We come up with the best possible creative to design a video that maximizes its budget to deliver a quality video that viewers want to watch.

Once the creative is locked in, we focus on executing all the necessary steps to achieve our creative goals. This includes casting, location scouting, set design, getting permits and building out the schedule. All the necessary steps to make sure everything is ready when the director screams “Action!”


The production day or the shoot day – whichever you call it – is equal parts the most fun and the most pressure packed day of the entire production process. This is also the shortest part of the entire production process lasting from 1 to over 30 days. The longer the shoot days the longer the pre and post production are in proportion.

The raw footage from the shoot is nothing without cutting it up and constructing it into the final video. After a successful shoot we begin breaking down the RAW footage into the selects and individual clips that make up the final video. Then we mix in the sound bites and effects – sometimes folly if necessary – and piecing it all together like a puzzle until the masterpiece is revealed.

Once the videos are locked and loaded, we transfer the files through a digital transfer service like dropbox or wetransfer.com. We can also deliver the raw and final outputted files on a hard drive. Whatever you prefer, just tell us and we make it happen!

Free Quote for Chicago Video Projects

Got a project you want to make? Tell us about it! Our team will help you understand the costs of the video, and produce it for you!

We love creating budgets and helping our clients realize their vision. Let’s get in touch and see how we can get your audience to Click Play on your videos!

Types of Video Production Services We Offer

Corporate Videos

Our corporate video production services are open ended. We have created so many styles and types of corporate videos and are still discovering more ways and styles of videos to produce business videos for our clients. But let's discuss the most commonly used videos that companies are looking for. Theres nothing basic about our basic corporate overview videos which are a combination of Interviews and talking heads mixed with b-roll. This are straightforward and easy to digest talking points to sum up our company core values and services. We always look outside of the box to make sure the corporate videos we produce for our clients reflect highly on their brand and standards.

Commercial Production

There are many commercial production companies in Los Angeles but none like ours. At Click Play Films we are dedicated to making our ads stand out from the crowd both creatively as well as in production quality. We never cut corners and are always thinking outside of the box. With years of experience working with some of the biggest agencies across the world, we focus on the end result – and we have fun doing it! See for yourself the amazing work we have done for our clients promo videos, commercials and brand videos. Our team has worked with some of the biggest hits for modern digital platforms like Netflix and Facebook Watch as well as traditional broadcast platforms like USA Networks. Hire our team to bring the same level of professionalism and creativity to your project next.

Animation Studio

The Click Play Films animation studio in Los Angeles is a lot of fun! We love telling stories through any medium necessary but we don't have as much fun as when we do it through animation. From explainer videos to 3D animations and everything in between including motion graphics and VFX intertwined with live video, there is nothing you can imagine that we can't produce through animation. Let us tell your story too and lets get the creative juices flowing!

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