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Video Marketing

Hi, Were The Video Production Experts You’ve Been Seeking!

Here at Click Play Films, we’re video production partners and masters. We have been at it for a long time, and this passion has translated into a New York based video production line of work for us.

You Give Us Your Content, We Give You A High-Quality Video Agency Solution

We are no strangers to producing quality content. The skill itself has not developed overnight. Before we even came together as a team, we have been honing our craft for years. One could easily guessed that you either do not have the time or patience to do the same. Which is ok, we get it. You’re in the right place. Creating a gray video may take a while, but it is what we specialize in and we understand that you have other things to attend to with your precious time. Thank God for the internet! You can simply send us your footage and we will quickly and efficiently get back to you with a quality video.

We’re Experts At Every Video Production Level

Our approach to the craft of video making as video production partners is different from most. We focus on every element end allow the process to develop itself. Maybe you know some editing yourself, but you need some extra assistance in taking your video to the next level. From our cinematographers to our animators, we are storytellers at heart. If you’re looking to create content that reaches a target audience you’ve come to the right place. This is especially important for businesses period we have worked with many businesses in the past creating both commercials and advertisements as well as other various content.

Even if you’re looking for somebody to edit personal videos, we can do that for you as well. We have crafted YouTube videos for small channels you probably never even heard of. And we’ve crafted commercials for companies that everybody knows. If you find yourself somewhere in between, drop us an email so that we can discuss the details of your needs and how our video agency can help.

All Of Our Videos Are Made By Seasoned Professionals

Remember, no form of contents outside the scope of our skill level. We have plenty of examples of our work right here for you to take a look at. You can trust that we have a massive catalog of videos in our portfolio. Being passionate about our jobs is important. We keep workplace levels of enthusiasm up and this translates into our work. You can feel the interest and passion we put into a project as soon as you Hit the play button.

We have worked with every sort of content you can imagine. You can that we have come a long way since being amateur video production enthusiasts. Transparent energy in every video that we’ve made is evident. Many of our clients offer us repeat business, so that tells you a lot about our business model and the quality of our work.

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