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We Are A Video Production Company Specializing in Corporate & Commercial Video Production Services. Click Play Films started out as a NYC based video production company. Headquartered at 54 W 40th Street, New York NY 10018 more than 10 years ago. Since then we have expanded our team and expertise to specialize in commercial video production & corporate video production services, as well as films and TV shows across the country for some of your favorite brands, networks and streaming services. Over the years we expanded with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Houston to better serve you. As a film production company we have worked with the likes of Netflix, USA Networks and Facebook Watch. We produce entire TV shows, episodes and promos for some of the most popular shows. We focus on providing powerful commercial videography services to businesses of all sizes around the world.

What Makes Us the Best Commercial Video Production Company?

The process of finding a high-value commercial video production company can be a daunting process. All you need to look at is what does the video agency offer in terms of services, experience and pricing. We would be excited to answer any questions you may have, but if you just want learn more about production in general or what Click Play Films can do for you than please read on.

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Case Studies

Our featured video production work

Check out our featured videos to see what you can expect from Click Play Films. Whether we take on big budgets and national campaigns or smaller projects with limited scope, you get the same level of quality from our team.
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A Corporate Video Production Company for All

At Click Play Films we focus on audience engagement as the key to building lasting brands, relationships and partnerships. But we also realize that all brands even NFPs need to make money and the focus is on the bottom dollar while stretching that as far as possible for the best possible results. The key to this is offering a value based service. The the longer you stay in the viewers’ imagination the more effective the video is at achieving your goals. How do you do that? By telling great stories.But the thing is that every story can be inspiring, and sometimes many people have the same story, so how you tell the story is the difference and that is why we consider ourselves a storytelling agency before a production company. Our writers, directors and even our camera operators and editors focus on the story first.

Needless to say if you are on the hunt for a digital storytelling agency, then Click Play Films is your company!

What To Expect

Our Video Production Process

Our tried-and-true six step process, delivering success for every project.
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Step One: Discovery

This is where we receive the initial briefing from you. It can be as simple as you just telling us you don’t know where to start but you need a video to sending us a full script. Than we immediately get back to you and present all available options, concepts, and budgets.

Step Two: Treatment

Once we determine the approach to the video and the budget, then we can start developing a treatment which includes a creative as well as technical blueprint for production.

Step Three: Pre Production

Everything necessary before production can begin. This would include finding and securing locations, props, sets, casting and acquiring all the necessary permits, securing all the equipment rentals as well as confirming the crew and locking in shoot dates.

Step Four: Production

The shortest amount of time spent on a video project is the actual shoot day(s). But don’t be fooled, these days are all intensive and all the planning goes into making sure this step goes smoothly. You can rest assured you are in good hands with out experienced team.

Step Five: Post Production

After the Action comes the Magic. We take all the rough footage and break it down into the final selects and edit it together seamlessly to mix with music and sound effects and even some animation and motion graphics if needed.

Step Six: Delivery

Once the final version is picture locked, we can start delivery. Most projects only require the final edited version of the video but we can also deliver all the RAW footage on a hard drive as well.

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Still Undecided? Here is a Guide to Choosing the Best Video Agency


Setting Goals

You must first identify your goals and objectives so you can begin narrowing down the kind of videos that best suit your needs. You can start looking at the styles and capabilities by searching for ‘video production companies near me’ in your area by scrolling through their portfolio or work until you find a company who can deliver what you are looking to emulate.

By starting your journey with properly defined goals you can set your expectations and expect the best results from your production company. Video agencies like Click Play Films operate to ensure accurate communication and proper definition of goals from the start.


Defining a Budget

For many businesses, large or small, understanding how much does a video cost and properly defining an overall budget can be the most difficult piece in the entire process of hiring a video agency. Paying a service to produce videos is an important investment …a long term investment which can reflect on your company and brand for a long time.

Today the value of video has skyrocketed as it has become one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses to interact with their consumers and target audiences. But the cost does not have to be more than it should. By properly defining a budget, we can break down the necessary deliverables included in the story.


Choosing a Provider

Once you land on a few top choices, give them a call or send an email/fill out a contact form to schedule a meeting. In that meeting, do not be scared of asking questions. It is always best practice to get all of the information necessary to make an informed decision about your video production company.

Remember, with just a bit of proper planning and a little work, you can ensure that you are matched with a media provider that exceeds your requirements and truly “gets you”.