What Does a Video Production Company Do?

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Video production companies are at the epicenter when it comes to the film industry, but do you know what they do? These type companies take part in all aspects of the video making process from start to finish.

Video production companies produce a variety of videos. Movie production companies are responsible for videos for broadcast, streaming, or theatrical distribution.

What is a Video Production Company?

A video production company is a team of professionals with both creative and technical experience who apply their skills to take your idea from a thought to an actual video. While it may sound simple, there’s a lot involved in this process, and it requires several individual’s time to execute it properly. However, when it does all come together, it’s magic.

Let’s take a look at what a video production company does.

Video Production Company Responsibilities

A video production crew has many responsibilities when it comes to producing a video. Below, we’ll take a closer look at each of those.

Content Development

Video production companies primarily focus on producing content but also develop content that is sharable on social media platforms. Content development can mean various things but generally means coming up with the ideas surrounding a concept and then assembling a team to produce that content.


Most video production companies also include scripting and scriptwriting as part of their offerings. Typically, they have a team of writers on staff, and independent writers pitch scripts to them if they don’t. In some cases, the writers are represented by agents like the ones that represent actors, directors, and producers.


Since they are doing the rest of the work on the production, they are also likely to offer to hire a film crew as part of their package.

The filmmaker on the crew is in the position of director. They will be the ones that choose the location, actors, soundtrack, and more. They are responsible for most aspects of the production.

The filmmaker must also be able to think creatively, solve problems, be resilient, and know proper lighting techniques. They do what a Hollywood director does, but on a much smaller scale.


Much of what goes on in a video production company involves planning and logistics. They have a lot of responsibility for the planning of the shoot. The video production company is responsible for arranging schedules with the crew, companies, and local authorities (when needed). This helps them determine the best time to start the shoot.

When dealing with shooting the video, there’s more to logistics than lighting setup. The company determines who to send, carry, and dispatch the film equipment.

Your product will have a high production value when the pre-production details are handled with care.


Another essential element of pre-production that a production company typically handles is casting. These companies have connections to modeling/talent agencies, since many of their projects involve extras, actors, and models.

What to Look for in a Video Production Crew

When you are getting ready to hire a production crew for your video, you want to be sure that you will get good results. Therefore, you must understand what to look for to know you’re getting the best crew.

Great Equipment

The equipment they have will reveal a lot about what they are capable of doing. If they have quality equipment, you can be sure that you will get a quality video. You should schedule a visit so that you can see their setup and determine if they fit your needs.

Previous Work

Take the time to find out about their videographers and learn about the style each one uses so that you can be sure you’re getting the best fit for your project. A quality videographer will be able to provide you with the result that you desire. Look through their portfolio to find out if they are capable of producing the video you need.

Focus and Specialty

Typically, a video production company will have a particular focus or specialty. Some of them focus more on corporate videos, while others are more artistically focused. Look over their statement. Find out why they got started, as well as their training and background. The more familiar you are with what they are offering, the more likely you’ll find a company that will be successful with your video.

Make sure that you have a strategy for your video, and start with a professional company that leans toward your strategy so that you can trust them to put it together in a manner that will be effective.


Make sure that you spend some time looking over testimonials and recommendations from their previous clients to determine if they were satisfied with the results. Make sure that you choose a video production company that has a good relationship with its clients.

If a customer leaves a good review, it shows that they are equipped to help you with your project. In addition to the star/number ratings, take the time to read the comments.

Speak Your Ideas

If you already have some ideas in mind, you will learn more about the production company. Explain to them some of your ideas to find out what their recommendations are. This will reveal to you their expertise and provide you with thoughts on your next steps.


Your budget is also a crucial part of your decision on a production company. Ask them how much the project will cost you- and get it in writing. Some companies have a rate sheet on their website. Make some price comparisons to get the best value for your investment.


Even if they seem like the perfect company for your project, it doesn’t matter if they can’t fit you on their schedule. Be sure to make your plans early so that you can get a spot on their books.


The final thing to look for when choosing a production company is professionalism. You want a company that is organized and has call times and schedules laid out. Additionally, they should always be on time and remain focused on the video without any lag time. This will help prevent any setbacks during production.


A video production crew is an integral part of every video production, as they work on it from beginning to end. You must understand what they do before you hire one. This way, you know what you should expect and what you will be responsible for.

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