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Video Marketing

Your Content Is Our Specialty

At ClickPlayFilms, we recognize the need you have to create quality content. We are New York video production experts, and you have come to the right place if you are looking to get some content produced.

Don’t Have The Time To Produce Quality Content?

Most people simply do not have the time or desire, to turn their content into quality footage that appeals to the eye. Of course, this is completely okay. Editing is a tedious process that not many wish to develop the patience for. However, it is one of the many areas of focus that our company does not treat lightly.
Did you record some content at a loved one’s recent birthday party? Well, rather than simply letting it sit there, you have the opportunity at your fingertips to turn chopped-up footage into lovely segments, that will impress family dinners and parties alike.

It Sounds Like You Need An Expert

Not everyone has the desire to learn about the rule of thirds. But this is where we come in. Everyone on our team at ClickPlayFilms, including the Videographers, Cinematographers, Editors and even the Animators has an eye for storytelling. Because that’s what video ultimately is right? It all boils down to storytelling.

We focus in frame by frame, crafting a story that has the potential to reach a maximum audience. Many in the video industry produce content for the sake of themselves, hoping that it will appeal to an audience similar to them. We make content for the masses. Our footage resonates with a broad audience of people, because it is made for a broad audience of people. This is against the grain in terms of content creation. That’s because we’re different. We care about your story as if it was our own, and treat it as such. Doing so results in content that our clients are proud of, not only personally but while showing their loved ones.

We Love To Craft Each Video With Care

We at ClickPlayFilms specialize in all sorts of content. Examples of our work can be found on our website. Whether you need commercial work done, a promotional video of some sort, or animation work done, were the producers you’ve been looking for. Maybe you even need a small personal YouTube video edited for your channel. We’ll even do that for you.

Over the years we have produced hundreds of different videos that differ in genre and style. So if you are questioning whether or not we can make good use of your content, it is likely that we can. Perhaps the best thing to do at this point would be to drop us an email, so that we can get in contact and discuss your needs more specifically. Having a broad range of experience allows us to tap into the voice that each individual video requires. We are passionate about our job, and have no doubt that this passion translates into the heart of the viewers that catch a glimpse of our content. It’s easy to find decent video production teams online, but none of them offer the heart and interest that we provide while fashioning your content into quality segments.

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