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Corporate videos have become extremely prevalent in today’s new digital landscape. When in the days past the only company’s producing video of any sort were mainly large fortune 500 companies with huge bankrolls either for advertising on TV or using videos for company training purposes. Today the digital landscape has shifted the tide in favor of the smaller companies who use social media and the endless platforms of distribution available. Video production has also become much more affordable as technology has accelerated the quality of video equipment making high end production value accessible for nearly any budget of production. You can even shoot high quality video in HD from your cell phone!

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The Scope of Corporate Videos

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There are many types of Corporate Videos a company can produce for themselves. From Promotional Videos to Advertising as well as in-house videos for training or onboarding. There is an endless amount of ways any company can utilize the power of video production to their advantage. As mentioned before, most of what is needed to film and edit a corporate video is affordable and accessible to pretty much anyone. So why hire a professional production company? Well, there are several key advantages to hiring a production company over doing it all in house. Firstly, even though most companies can make simple videos by themselves, and there is even a certain appeal to these lower production videos that makes your audience feel really connected with you, the quality of the video will always reflect the type of company audiences perceive the company behind the video. We suggest having a good mix of consistent video content you push out, but when it comes to your main video, that you might highlight on your homepage for example, the production quality and overall polish of the video really matters. Second of all, you wouldn’t do your own plumbing would you? As easy as it may sound sometimes, you want a professional doing the job. Think about all the moving pieces that have to come together. A great video has to have a simple and clear message and has to be delivered as such. It also has to have the right kind of polish, this polish is the difference between a school project and a professionally produced video. A professional video has high end color, sound, lighting, and direction. It captures your audience’s attention and delivers a concise and engaging message.

A company can have many uses for video – videos directed at getting new customers, videos to explain their service or process, videos that highlight their products, as well as videos for internal uses, such as training videos and onboarding or quality assurance videos. Whatever the case may be, long copy and static pictures are slowly being phased out by the most effective form of communication today which is corporate video.


Interviews are the backbone of most corporate videos. From company overview videos to testimonials, the driving force behind a successful video about a business is the quality of the interviews it uses to communicate to the target audience. See how we have helped thousands of companies create impactful interviews for their videos.


You put a lot of effort into making sure your conference is successful. Videos play a large role in creating content for the conference itself as well as preserving the key take aways from the conference to live on long after the conference is over. Call us today to see how we can help with you conference video needs.


Brand videos should not only be fun to watch and entertaining to the viewers but effective in its brand building and call to action abilities. Call a producer today to discuss how we can help make your brand video perform like a rockstar!


Most videos convey some sort of information. But when it comes to informational, such as training videos, onboarding videos and other internal or external videos, planning the content to keep the viewers engaged and remember what they watch is the key to a successful campaign. Call us today to see how we can make your informational videos as effective as possible.

Corporate Video Production Services

If you’re looking for the best value in corporate video production company services then Click Play Films is the solution! Having worked on hundreds of business video projects we are able to streamline the production process to maximize the value our clients get with their budget.

You can take advantage of over 10 years of experience producing content for hundreds of companies large and small. Although it’s impossible to sum up all the different types of corporate videos that can be produced, here are few of the most common types of production services we provide for our corporate clients.

Corporate Video Pricing & Packages

Training Video Production

Training Videos are one of the most effective types of corporate videos a company can produce. Their scalability provides a huge ROI for large organizations and just as effective for small and more nimble companies.

Product Videography

Product videos have many uses for both traditional retailers as well as e-commerce and online sellers. These videos sole purpose is to make products look irresistible to potential buyers or customers.

Startup Video Production

It is essential for startup companies to produce powerful videos to let the world know not only who they are and what they do but to make a real impact on growth. A great startup video production company is a partner in your success.

Event Video Production

Event videos are great tools to preserve and translate the action and energy of any meeting, conference or concert long after the occasion is over as well as while it is happening with live-streaming.

Industrial Video Production

Industrial video production is a great way to communicate a very specialized topic to a specific audience within your circle of commerce. These videos serve many purposes for both internal as well as external use.

Crowdfunding Video Production

A great crowdfunding video production company can be the difference between a successful campaign or failure to meet your fundraising goals on popular platforms such as kickstarter and indigogo to name a few.

Video Testimonial Service

Video testimonials are a great way to communicate how great you are without actually saying it directly. Let your best customers speak of their great experiences with your company or service to your potential customers!

Educational Video Production

Educational video production is an intricate art in crafting educational content to teach an audience who is not in the same room. Therefore this can be an extremely beneficial way to teach both large and small audiences alike.

Medical Video Production

Videos production is valuable way to explain and/or translate complex medical terms and procedures within all segments of the healthcare industry. Medical videos can be used many ways.

Sales Video Production

Imagine you had the best sales representative and you can use them over and over again for each pitch. This is what a great sales video production company can replicate for you. This is the way to sell in the most scalable way!

Business Video Production

Business Video production is a great way to communicate a vast array of services your company sells or promotes as well as corresponding internal information effectively and efficiently.

Content Creation Services

Let’s face it, in today’s world content is king and you need the best content creation services to reflect a positive image. From marketing videos to general updates the more content you create the more exposure you get.

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Click Play Films is focused on delivering corporate videos to not only deliver the highest quality videos but also the best and most effective approach to messaging. As a full service video production company, we leave no stone unturned, from pre-production, planning, casting and working with your team to producing directing and filming – and finally to post production, editing and sound design as well as voice recording, companies rely on Click Play Films to deliver the best video their money can buy! Talk to one of our video producers today and see how we can help you reach your corporate video goals today.
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