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Check out our featured work to see what you can expect from Click Play Films. Whether we take on big budgets and national campaigns or smaller projects with limited scope, you can expect the same level of professionalism and versatility when you hire our team.

Choose the Best Corporate Video Production Company in NYC

The process of finding a high-value video production company for your corporate strategy can become very daunting very quickly. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be. All that is needed is the proper information and a potential video agency that provides the services you are searching for. Click Play Films can very well be that agency.

Commercial Videography and Commercial Video Production Services

We are well aware how difficult it can be to manage departments and clients. Click Play Films is a New York City based video production film and animation production company, here to alleviate some of the stress. Our focus is providing powerful commercial videography, as well as complete commercial video production services to businesses and projects of all sizes around the globe.

Let Us Be Your Storytelling Agency

If you performed proper due diligence and Click Play Films is one of the service providers that you are considering for your next video production project, we would love to hear from you.

We at Click Play Films are focused on corporate video production NYC style. However, we have customers all over the United States and in various international locations. If needed, we are more than happy to travel to obtain the footage necessary, then return to our “home base” for post-production editing. Don’t limit yourself to production services that are in your immediate area. Many, including Click Play, are more than willing to travel.

Conversely, if you are on the hunt for a digital storytelling agency, location doesn’t even matter, as work is performed digitally, so no live footage is necessary for a final product.

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How We Operate as a Corporate Video Production Company

We follow a tried-and-true six step process for all projects we embark upon:

Step One: Discovery

The initial briefing and presentation of available options and concepts

Step Two: Treatment

Planning and direction, storyboarding, location scouting, casting and everything in between

Step Three: Planning

Everything necessary before production can be undertaken

Step Four: Production

This is where the concepts and planning becomes an actual product

Step Five: Post Production

This is where the pieces are brought together and editing occurs after which, we send for coloring and sound mastering

Step Six: Delivery

After completing the final version, final deliverables are provided to the clients

Four Steps to Find the Best Video Agency NYC Has to Offer

By following the four steps outlined below, you will be armed with the knowledge and processes necessary to find, vet and communicate with your chosen video production agency.


Step One: Goal Defining

Through the identification of goals and objectives, you can easily narrow down what video kind you will be needing for your business’ project. From here, you can then whittle down the video production companies in your area capable of working on your project. By properly defining your goals, you can save extensive time and effort in the long run. Remember, time is money, especially in this marketplace.

Starting a project of this nature will goals properly defined is crucial to the speed and deliverable timeframes of a finished product. Remember, video production, filming and editing is one of the most intensive media projects possible. Video production agencies like Click Play operate to ensure accurate communication and proper definition of goals from the start.


Step Two: Budget Defining

For many businesses large or small, properly defining an overall budget can be the most difficult piece in the process of hiring a video production agency. For many, paying a service to produce videos is seen as an expense rather than an investment. We see video production as an investment in your company, brand and consumers.

Remember, video is the most effective marketing tool for businesses to interact with their consumers and potential customers. By properly defining a budget, piecing it down into the necessary deliverables and features, and then ensuring this budget is properly communicated, you and your video production service will have a far more effective working relationship. Remember, you get what you pay for in the creative industry.


Step Three: Research Candidates

Utilization of online communication and research into candidate reviews, services and portfolio items makes it far simpler to vet potential candidates than in past years. With this wealth of information available, it’s important to spend the time to research your strongest candidates. Check past work, look to see what others say about them, examine their online presence, see what kinds of things they have been saying on social media. This all-encompassing view will provide a strong idea of the communication to expect with your chosen provider, as well as the style of their finished products.


Step Four: Landing on a Provider

Once you land on a few top choices, give them a call or send an email/fill out a contact form to schedule a meeting. In that meeting, do not be scared of asking questions. It is always best practice to get all of the information necessary to make an informed decision about your video production company.

Remember, with just a bit of proper planning and a little work, you can ensure that you are matched with a media provider that exceeds your requirements and truly “gets you”.