How To Choose The Right Corporate Video Production Company in NYC?

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Video Production NYC

Choosing the right corporate video production company in New York City is not easy, especially if you’re not familiar with video production terms and techniques. With tons of options, it can become overwhelming to make your choice. In this article, we will walk you through some guidelines and tips to help you make the right choice.

Introduction to NYC Video Production Company

What is corporate production?

Corporate video production describes the process of creating a corporate video. This normally entails a corporation deciding on their video goals, writing a brief, contacting a video production company like Click Up Media, and then the actual creation of the video takes place. The phases of the video production services will begin with a free creative consultation and recommendation of how this corporate video solution may appear artistically. This is followed by storyboarding, writing, and video content development, either via live-action cinematography, in-studio animation, or 3D animation. What makes corporate productions so fascinating is that a firm can truly make their production their own – and they don’t have to have a huge budget to have a great effect on their audience.

What are examples of production companies?

Production companies are the entertainment industry’s backbone. They are the art and industry meeting point for movies, television, comic books, the internet, and video games. Production firms include some of Hollywood’s most well-known studios, including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and Universal Studios. And they’re all focused on delivering blockbuster movies to theaters.

The Production Process of Video Services

With the rapid development of Internet, it is not difficult to get access to the company production services. Nowadays, the number of the people who can watch videos online has increased to a large scale. What they care about is how to watch videos in a convenient and simple way instead of how these videos are produced. However, before we enjoy the benefits brought by video services, an elaborate production process is necessary
The production process of video services is a complex, multi-stage process. It can be divided into three main stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.



A video production service that covers creativity and planning. This covers services video production such as:

  • Purpose evaluation, audience, delivery, and tone of your video.
  • Creating a budget
  • Creative Development and proposing
  • Script writing
  • Story boarding and outlining
  • Shot lists (the shooting scenes you want to add to your video)
  • Scouting for locations (looking for places to record your video)
  • Casting
  • Granting (getting the necessary permits from your municipality)
  • Prep and rental of equipment (as needed)
  • Employing subcontractors (as needed)


Studio Video Production

The actual video shoot is the production portion of video production. Here are some company video production services (and personnel considerations):

  • The Producer is engaged in all aspects of production from conception to finish. Budget, skill, crafts, and more all fall under one umbrella.
  • The Director of Photography (Main Camera Operator) assists the Director in executing the screenplay. They direct the Camera and Lighting Departments and generate the images that communicate the tale.
  • The Assistant Camera Operator is in charge of slating, replacing batteries, and recording media.
  • The Field Audio Engineer mixes, creates, and manipulates sound.
  • The Gaffer is the lighting department’s boss. They make the lighting scheme.
  • The Grip creates and constructs sets for movies, commercials, and TV shows. Grips repair and maintain camera and lighting equipment.
  • Makeup artists must know and comprehend makeup and the procedures required to apply it to the face and neck. Body Makeup Artists use makeup to numerous parts of the body to change an actor’s look.
  • The Drone Operator controls any drone cameras used in video production.
  • The Production Assistant is in charge of coordinating production departments and managing lockups.
  • High-definition cameras, lighting, and audio equipment are examples of specialty equipment.


Videos post-production starts after your video has been shot. This stage consists of video production services such as:

  • File administration
  • Production video editing
  • Animation or motion graphics
  • Voice acting or recording voiceovers
  • Mastering of audio
  • Grading of colors
  • File delivery

Postproduction often encompasses everything that occurs after filming is completed.


Video Production NYC

Video production service: Types of Video Contents

  • Business to Business Videos
  • A Product and Service Demonstration Videos
  • Video Case Study
  • Video of a Corporate Event
  • Instructional Videos
  • Video Marketing Services/Sales Materials
  • Social Media Videos
  • Testimonials on Videos

Key Takeaway: Video Production Companies are professionals at producing entertaining, creative, and inventive films on various budgets. But how do you know you’ve chosen the right New York video production enterprise for your project? Consider asking these questions below.

Questions to Ask a Corporate Video Production NYC

It’s important to have a good relationship with your NYC video production company. However, you may be wondering how to go about establishing that connection. Here are some questions to ask your corporate video production company:

1. How long have you been in business?

How seasoned is this team? In business productions for how long? Job completed, work quality, and customer service contribute to “experience.” It’s a good way to get beyond job samples. To show their expertise, most production businesses maintain an online video portfolio. The quality and professionalism of their film may be seen by viewing their examples. It is a great method to examine how they make a film, including lighting services, quality, setting, and content. Are their videos engaging? Do they employ the four narratives and sell building blocks? To further prove their expertise, inquire about customer testimonials or case studies. Follow-up question: What video in your portfolio are you most proud of?

2. What’s your niche?

What sets this firm apart? What makes them unique? If they are skilled in production, they may have a specialization such as “filming cats for marketing videos.” Companies may excel in filming customer testimonials or taking drone aerial images. What distinguishes their abilities and skills?

3. What videos can you make?

How well do they develop brands film, instructional film, product videos, social media videos, blog video production, and live broadcasts? As a future production partner, you may desire a team that can perform everything mentioned above. Your marketing plan may need a production business focused on just one video form. Decide on the video formats you require from your production partner by considering your video demands and conversion metrics. Follow-up question: How do you see yourself growing with us?

4. How is your company’s culture?

A production company’s culture should match that of a new employee. Also, You desire a collaboration founded on shared ideals and achievements. In addition to effectively representing your company’s culture, finding the right video production company is critical. Follow-up question: Who are your teammates? What do each team member’s abilities and value add?

5. What defines success?

This question always seems like a job interview, but it is important. What are the company’s metrics? How do they know whether a video is good or not? Assessing if your culture, aims, and objectives are compatible might help you identify potential conflicts. Follow-up question: How do you react to criticism?

6. What is your production process?

How long does the procedure take? Their time, services, effort, and resources invested in your film will be shown here. Understanding their services and methodology helps generate effective video ads and clear communication. Follow-up question: How will you communicate with us?

Video Production NYC

7. What do you think of our video?

Ask a production business how they would handle your video services strategy after discussing your aims and objectives with them. A reputable firm will be able to propose some ideas and services that they would execute for you, but they won’t tell you everything until you employ them. They may require more time to assemble their thoughts before pitching you. The organization must be inventive and give unique work. It’s important to get a sense of their creative vision for your brand before hiring them. Follow-up question: How do you combine storyboards and scriptwriting to create video messages?

8. Let’s talk about logistics.

  • When can the project begin?
  • How long does a project of this scale typically take?
  • What possible delays would you face, and how would you overcome them?
  • Do you utilize stock or bespoke designs?
  • Will this video include animation, 3D renderings, or live streams?
  • What tools do you have?
  • Editing included? How is editing done?
  • Do you have a scriptwriter?
  • Where will the settings be made? How many different backdrops are included?
  • How many options are there? Do you provide actors?
  • How will the soundtrack sound?

The budget should also be considered here. Budgeting without compromising video quality. Find out more about video content pricing here: What Determines the Cost of Video Production?

9. Have you worked in marketing?

Lastly, your video has a goal. A training video or a “How To” video are both excellent ways to sell your company. Want a partner that will optimize your video for maximum marketing growth? Not simply create it and send it your way? You need a business that understands video as part of a content strategy. Marketing firms know how to make conversion friendly films. Follow-up question: Do you see yourself as an industry thought leader? Why?

Why invest in corporate video production NYC?

Because it’s a proven marketing tactic that works. It can increase sales and brand awareness. Video is the most effective content marketing tool, with 90% of customers watching videos to learn more about a product or service before making a purchase. And this isn’t just true of large companies; it’s also true of small businesses. In fact, 96% of surveyed B2B companies report using videos as part of their marketing strategy, and 73% say that videos have positively impacted their ROI. So yes, corporate video production is worth it!


  • One minute of videos equals around 1.8 million words of printed material. (However, don’t panic; one minute of videos will most likely just include 30 spoken words if that!)
  • According to a recent Insivia research, viewers are more likely to remember 95% of what they see in videos than 10% of what they read.
  • According to studies, videos traffic will account for more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2022.
  • Google has stated that video enabled websites are more likely to rank on the first page of the SERPs, inside the top ten results.
  • Including videos on a website boosts the likelihood of visitors becoming purchases by six times.


Video Production NYC

Make sure you choose the right one: Find the Best Film Production Company in New York!

If you have decided to hire a production company, then it is time to take the next step. To select the right one, you will need to carefully plan what you would like to get out of the production. You will also have to be able to clearly tell the company what your goals are. This will let them know if they can help you or if they need more information to do so. The right video production firm can make a world of difference and knowing this ahead of time will help make your decision! Ultimately, if you feel that Click Play Media is the right corporate video production company for your next project, don’t hesitate to contact us. To learn more about the experiences we offer and how we can help you to produce videos for you or your company, call (646) 417-5330!


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